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Delta ensures continuity for our customers’ mission critical operations and reduces their total cost of ownership. Our efficient and highly reliable products and services range from busway, cloud and colocation data center solutions to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and our InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions.

Data Center Solutions You Can Rely On

Real-time access to secure and reliable data is crucial in today’s competitive global business environment. Delta has developed a new generation of tier 3 infra data center solutions or above that allow companies to achieve this essential goal of high level of data center reliability. Our data center design provides IT managers with the exact tools and capabilities they need in order to effectively organize the various servers within a company.

21st century business relies on data center providers that offer a seamless service from monitoring to networking to power management and more to keep their business operations running at an optimum level with a bare minimum of downtime. Delta can meet these needs in their entirety, call us to learn more.

Four Module Cloud Data Center Solutions

Delta's InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions are grouped into four main modules which optimize our customers’ ability to maximize operating efficiency at the lowest cost, maintain a high level of flexibility and control for IT managers, quickly scale to meet demand, and monitor data center solutions 24/7/365 from anywhere around the world.

These modules are as follows: Power Management, Rack and Accessories, precision cooling and Environmental Management System. The interlocking nature of the modules allows companies to implement fully integrated system architecture.

Delta offers a full stack colocation data center in Thailand for a worldwide client base, providing an uninterrupted service that negates the need for additional data center security, server, or backup services from any other provider.

InfraSuite Data Center Advantages

There are a number of advantages to be gained when using Infrasuite, including but not limited to:

■ Ideal safeguard for data center operations
■ Modular design for quick and easy tool-free assembly
■ Scalability to match data center with enterprise growth
■ Optimized space utilization and operating costs
■ High efficiency, energy-saving power components for eco-friendly data rooms
■ Optimal power distribution and protection
■ Precise temperature and humidity control
■ Reliable and uninterrupted operations 365 days a year
■ Easy integration with all data room structures
■ A complete environmental management system for worry-free operations

บาคาร่าThe list above is by no means exhaustive, please get in touch to learn more about our full raft of busway DCIM data center services and how Delta can transform your existing business infrastructure.

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Although we work at the forefront of UPS, ICT infrastructure and modular data center technology, we offer a high level of personalized service. When you make your initial enquiry with Delta, either by phone, e-mail or online message service, our sales will work to answer any questions you may have efficiently and quickly in person. All you need to do is outline your requirements and the scope of any ongoing projects and our team will be happy to offer you an obligation-free inquiry response into our services.

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