Let’s Create a Better Tomorrow at Delta

Why Delta?

Imagine a place where you can help create a greener more
intelligence-driven future. At Delta, our mission is to provide
innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.
Join us as we pioneer ideas and drive our sustainable development to
บาคาร่า enrich lives around the world.

Who We Are

Founded in 1988, Delta Thailand is a producer of power and thermal
management solutions and a regional player in product segments
including industrial automation, displays, and networking.
Delta leverages its core competencies in power electronics and
world-class R&D facilities to provide energy-saving products and
solutions in the Power Electronics, Automation,
and Infrastructure business categories.

A Global Workplace

As a gateway to Southeast Asia, India, Australia and Europe
markets, Delta Thailand Group synergizes advanced technologies
and ultra-efficient production between European and Asian
subsidiaries to power our innovation and competitiveness. Explore
the opportunities available working at a diverse international
company supported by a worldwide network of sales offices,
บาคาร่า manufacturing facilities and R&D centers.

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Delta Benefits

We offer you a range of attractive benefits and performance incentives. We will discuss the details of your individual benefit plan during the recruitment process.
Here are some examples of Delta benefits available:

  • Quarterly incentive

    บาคาร่าIn recognition of everyone’s contribution, we offer an excellent employee profit sharing bonus every quarter based on team and company goal achievement. Your individual and team performance will make a difference in your quarterly incentives.

  • Attractive bonus

    บาคาร่าOur annual package includes a 12-month base salary with one performance bonus. Delta’s bonuses are consistently above the industry average in Thailand.

  • Talent development

    บาคาร่าTo retain talent and nurture career development, we provide a variety of long-term incentives and promotion opportunities. Whether you want to pursue a managerial role or carve out your specialist niche, Delta Thailand’s Talent Development Committee (TDC) offers you a customized leadership development program tailored to your individual career path. Our goal is to provide a motivating work environment for you to grow, by aligning your personal contributions with our company's long-term goals.

  • Employee and family medical insurance

    We offer comprehensive medical insurance coverage to ensure the health and well-being of you and your family. We also provide annual medical checkups to all employees.

  • Dental subsidy

    บาคาร่าWe provide you an annual subsidy for dental care.

  • Bursary and scholarship

    บาคาร่าYou and your family have the opportunity to receive our financial assistance to support education. We provide scholarships every year to our employees and their family members.

  • Transportation and meal allowance

    We provide a free bus and van shuttle service to many locations around the company. We also provide a monthly meal allowance.

Job Vacancy

Warehouse Supervisor 1 Position | Bangpoo Location | 12 Dec 2020  

Role & Responsibilities:

1.To supervise the activities of the store operations, in the maintenance and control of the store system, transactions, and reports. 
2.Control work in process inventory through strict implementation of issue control checkpoints and coordinate inventory reconciliation activities.
3.Report inventory status for the unusual build-up, excess, and scraps.
4.Maintain inventory status for the unusual build-up, excess, and scraps.
5.Resolve issues concerning the transfer of inventory.
6.Coordinate with production, production planning, control, and shipping in meeting issuance schedules.
7.Maintain timely and accurate reporting on inventory status.
8.Develop, train, and motivate store personnel to strengthen support to the poerations.

Qualifications : 

1.Bachelor's degree or higher in business and related fields.
2.At least 5-10 years experience as warehouse controller.
3.Good knowledge and understanding of performance & efficiency development cost control, safety & environment. 
4.Good command of English
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Field Application Engineer (FAE) 1 Position | Bangpoo Location | 11 Dec 2020  

Role & Responsibilities:
  • Pre-Sales / assisting Sales Team to identify customers and convincing customers technically.
  • After-Sales / troubleshooting and solving issues for our customers installed base
    Services / Design, Configuration, Basic Installation, Training, etc.
  • Provide pre and post-sales technical support for the complete product and solutions of smart building automation portfolio.
  • Identify and gather customer requirements, develop and propose solution designs (high and low level as required), aiming to assist the customer with a highly reliable solution and lower cost possible, yet ensuring maximum sales for the company.
  • Assist the Sales team as and when needed with required documents and proposals, from early-stage design, budget phase, proposal, and also negotiation and clarifications.
  • Participate in network planning with customers to provide guidance on applications, usage, integration, and best practices.
  • Active contribution with Marketing and Sales teams to produce new and high-quality Case Studies, Applications Notes, White Papers, News Letters, and other collateral material.


  • Preferred Degree in Engineering
  • 3 years of experience in Sales in Building Automation Companies or System Integrators working with Key BA leaders or EPC’s.
  • Fluent in Thai and English
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Manufacturing Manager 1 Position | Bangpoo Location | 9 Dec 2020  

Role & Responsibilities:
  • To responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and executing daily tasks in line with the production schedule
  • Setting daily/weekly/monthly objectives and communicating them to employees
  • To manage the production team and oversee scheduling and day-to-day production activities
  • To responsible for overseeing the equipment, staff and processes on the production floor
  • In charge of ensuring the production line is operational and maintaining
  • Ongoing production of products, also responsible for troubleshooting any issues that arise
  • Check and control, scrap reporting, inventory management
  • Determine the quality of goods before shipping
  • Monitoring the performance of the department against established goals/metrics and addressing problem area


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Industrial, Production Engineering or other related field
  • At least 15 years of working experience in manufacturing
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations
  • Good command of both spoken and written English
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Employee Relations Manager 1 Position | Wellgrow Location | 9 Dec 2020  

Job Description: 
  • Develop and implement company policies related to employee relations.
  • Develop and manage policies and Company rules and regulations to be efficient and up to date
  • Review and approve employee disciplinary actions at all levels.
  • Develop and implement policies Employee relations are consistent across the organization.
  • Check and improve The employee handbook is consistent with the current policy.
  • Record performance and discipline issues in work. Together with managers and supervisors
  • Conduct teaching exams and conduct disciplinary action. Manage work Related to employee discipline
  • Check for harassment And other complaints about improper conduct and behavior.
  • Carry out other investigations as requested by the Director of Employee Relations.
  • To investigate and cease actions affecting labor relations. In accordance with the policies and Company   protocol
  • Conduct interviews, investigations or find reasons for the offender. Or terminated employees
  • Provide feedback to HR and department executives about trends revealed in employee turnover interviews.
  • Give feedback to supervisor Regarding the problems of employees who have complained or received  unfair treatment Or terminated
  • Coordinate activities of various employees Held by the company, such as the annual corporate party  and other related events
  •  Attend the hearing to give evidence and follow up on the prosecution. Related to labor problems
  • Prepare written documents for employee relations. Preparation of documents and communication Convey information Both inside and Outside the organization
  • Consult and advise management to ensure compliance with legal and administrative requirements on labor relation.

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in labor relations or human resource management or related fields.
  • Experience in human resource management. Labor relations Or equivalent Through training And other experience in labor relations at least 10 years or more
  • Excellent communication, negotiation and writing skills
  • Have a thorough knowledge and understanding about labor law. And laws related to Labor relations
  • The ability to understand, interpret and apply appropriate portions of the law. Relevant rules, regulations and policies
  • Strong understanding of negotiation techniques.
  • The ability to be witty, calm and persuasive in conflicting and / or confrontational situations.
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Web Developer 1 Position | Bangpoo Location | 6 Dec 2020  

Role & Responsibilities:
  • To Promote, develop and control applications of an intelligent agent to support and enhance conventional application system and databased with telecommunications & other new technologies such as workflow and task management agents Intranet, E-Commerce, and so on.
  • Analyze the impact of network changes to improve the quality and security of data.
  • Test new technologies in the organization consult with IT relative partners and users on appropriate new technologies.
  • Hotline and user help desks and provide the appropriate training on the user.
  • Coordinates all systems maintenance projects.


  • Bachelor degree in Computer or IT related field.
  • Have experience in Windows, Web application, the mobile application for programming.
  • Strong development skill in Windows, web, Mobile application programming.
  • Good knowledge of database management.
  • Good knowledge in system analysis and design.
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