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Delta Energy and Environment Program Part 1: Pioneering a Localized Delta Volunteer Program in Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand, September 20, 2020–As a public-listed company in Thailand and a global corporate citizen, Delta’s commitment to energy-saving goes far beyond manufacturing and business. For over four years, the Delta Volunteer Program has pioneered energy saving education in Thailand’s grade schools. In this first part of our two-part series, we look at how Delta successfully introduced a unique program to raise awareness of energy saving and environmental conservation within our local communities. 

In 2015, Delta Thailand representatives attended a five-day training for the Delta Volunteers International program held in Taiwan by the Delta Electronics Foundation. The Delta Volunteers program began in 2007 in Taiwan and expanded to China before launching in Thailand. This volunteer program aims to promote energy education for grade school students.

After training, set out to initiate the project in Thailand. With full support from management and the HR department, we launched the Delta Thailand Volunteers program in 2016. DET Senior Director of Government and Public Affairs Department Youngyut and Nannaphat from HRA set up a booth at the company canteen and helped recruit around 50 Thai volunteers for the first year.

After recruiting our local volunteers, we invited the Delta Electronics Foundation to bring experts from Taiwan to teach training seminars in Thailand. For the next three years, the Delta Electronics Foundation organized an annual two-day seminar to train Thai volunteers on how to teach the original Delta energy education curriculum and to supervise practice lessons at local schools. 

Delta’s unique training course, not only teaches science-based energy knowledge, but it also links to our innovative products. For example, our class on electric vehicles shows how green transportation can help to reduce air pollution and our back-to-nature classes teach students different innovative planting techniques and why a more natural lifestyle can help us use less electricity.

Meanwhile, students in our course get plenty of opportunities to develop their own ideas and practice their skills. For example, one activity lets students design their own greenhouse and then use LEGO bricks to build a model. We also have model car racing and a solar cooking project designed for sunny Thailand.

Thanks to everyone at Delta Thailand’s support and dedication of our volunteers, we have successfully pioneered energy education in Thailand. Our program now reaches six local schools with Delta volunteers going to teach onsite and students coming to visit Delta’s green factory. All the students are especially excited to come to visit Delta Thailand headquarters and see for themselves how innovation can save huge amounts of energy.

The success of the Delta Thailand volunteers encouraged the Delta Electronics Foundation to expand the program to the USA and implementation in other regions is being planned too. Here in Thailand, we will continue to follow the curriculum from Delta Volunteers International and send our volunteers to Taiwan for training. We will adjust the global content to apply to local needs and our volunteer committee will decide specific directions for our local activities. 

Please join us in the next part of our Delta Energy Education series to see the positive impact Delta is having among the next generation as we foster good stewardship of our planet and encourage sustainability development for Thailand and Southeast Asia. For more information about our community work please visit our website CSR news section or download our Sustainable Development Reports. Thank you!



10 September 2020