Ashton Kutcher to reprise roll as Moron in ‘Dude, Where’s my Apple TV remote?’

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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is reportedly set to reprise his role as Moron in ‘Dude, Where’s my Apple TV Remote?’

Twentieth Century Fox confirmed Tuesday that Ashton Kutcher will reprise his role as Moron in a sequel to the 2000 box office flop Dude, Where’s my Car? with Charlie Sheen slated to direct.

The sequel titled, Dude, Where’s my Apple TV Remote? has been in the works since February, but no details have been forthcoming until now.

Kutcher will reportedly be paid $90 million for the role.

American Pie’s Sean Williams Scott and Jennifer Gardner of . . . whatever movies she’s been in, and of Ben Affleck’s ex-husband fame will not be returning for the sequel, but sources close to the project say Brad Pitt is close to signing on as Kutcher’s new moron friend. M. Night Shyamalan will be penning the script (or magically pulling it straight out from his ass like usual.) Steven Spielberg will be producing.

Twentieth Century Fox will be selling foreign markets for the sequel at Cannes next week. The original movie grossed just over $185.91 domestically and another $72.18 internationally following its year 2000 launch.

Disclaimer: Urban Anomie hasn’t actually seen Dude Where’s My Car?, and baring a car accident leaving us in a vegetative state with the movie just so happening to be playing in the hospital room, we likely never will.

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