CBC severs ties with Peter Mansbridge for allegedly failing to use reusable grocery bags

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Peter Mansbridge

The CBC has fired Peter Mansbridge. Flickr/lestudio1

TORONTO — The CBC has severed ties with its chief correspondent and host of The National, Peter Mansbridge, saying it determined his environmental stance on the use of grocery shopping bags failed to meet the network’s code of ethics.

Just hours after receiving an anonymous tip that Mansbridge had his groceries bagged in non-biodegradable plastic bags that can suffocate small children and that contribute to the environmental crisis plaguing Canadian cities, the CBC released a statement on Twitter, reading, “Your turkey’s toast, Peter.”

The departure of Mansbridge, a 162-year veteran of the CBC, is the third in a string of controversial terminations in recent months. Earlier this week, Evan Solomon was terminated for selling art like a Machiavellian son of a bitch, and in 2014 Jian Ghomeshi was fired for being allowed to be creepy-as-fuck for way too long of time.

In a memo issued by the CBC to its employees, the network warns that anyone could be fired at any time for failing to meet the network’s arbitrary code of ethics which it chooses to apply to employees both subjectively and without much thought.

More as it develops . . .

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3 Comments to “CBC severs ties with Peter Mansbridge for allegedly failing to use reusable grocery bags”

  1. Leah says:

    LOL! This is genius, still laughing. Thanks!

  2. Mike says:

    I can’t believe this.Sounds more like they wanted to cut his high salary so needed any kind of excuse. maybe Mr. Lacroix should start looking at upper management salaries and stop trying to cut off one of the truly recognizable faces of his network. I call BS on his and think that it just shows how screwed up the CBC is.
    I mean really!!!!

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