B.C. to partner with marijuana industry on development of new school curriculum

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BC marijuana industry

Critics are worried about the direction of the province’s overhaul of the school curriculum, after it was revealed marijuana growers are being consulted on changes. Photo by Flickr user bcgovphotos

By Urban Anomie

The province of British Columbia announced today that they have partnered with various marijuana growers in the design and creation of a new school curriculum for kindergarten through grade 12 students.

The marijuana industry’s involvement in the province’s educational development is creating concern among uptight conservative groups and parents.

Social Reform Party hopeful, Trevor Howser called granting partnership status to the marijuana industry “outrageous.”

“Kindergarten to grade 12 is a very formative time in a child’s life where their minds are still developing,” said Howser. “We should be ramming religious dogma down their throats, not free love and peace.”

Parent of nine-year old twins, Michelle Coupland, says, “It’s very disturbing that the government has brought on pot growers as key partners in designing B.C.’s curriculum. Drugs don’t belong in our schools.”

She added, “It’s time that the B.C. government realizes that what’s good for the pot industry isn’t what’s good for the rest of the province—and especially not our children.”

Canada’s marijuana industry has taken a notable interest in curriculum design in recent years, aiming to prepare the future crop of industry workers.

The Canadian Association of Marijuana Producers (CAMP), the country’s largest pot lobby group, says the marijuana industry needs to engage B.C. teachers and students through in-class learning tools in order to increase ‘agriculture’ knowledge among the general public and community stakeholders.

“We want B.C. to be world leaders in marijuana production, and through initiative like this, the province will be well positioned to supply the world with top-notch weed for the next 100 years,” says CAMP spokesman, Chad Wallander.

CAMP caused an uproar last year when it partnered with the Royal Canadian Mint to produce a series of coins depicting the historical importance weed has played as an integral resource to the B.C. economy over the last 40 years.

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2 Comments to “B.C. to partner with marijuana industry on development of new school curriculum”

  1. Carol Francey says:

    A very good program which does NOT LIE to children and endanger them. It facilitates good decision making based on balanced education and fosters good critical thinking skills, not hyperbole like DARE programs. The new DRUG FREE CANADA youth program warns about addiction, brain damage, lung problems – all old hat, mistaken accusations. Riddle me this, Harper, how can you have a Drug Free country without giving up alcohol, coffee, tobacco and many pharmaceuticals all of which kill people and destroy families Seeking a “Drug Free ” society is unrealistic. There has never been one. So, regulate and keep out kids safer . Educators for Sensible Drug Policy ~ Drug Policy Reform Association have been wanting some input from our provincial and federal government regarding the monies that will be generated within a post illegal cannabis era. Visit Educators for Sensible Drug Policy ~ Drug Policy Reform Association Facebook. Solid educational work!

  2. britt says:

    Fortunately only Alberta is this crazy to let big industry brainwash there children’s brains

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