Police patrol popular hot spots, reminding Calgarians of new deodorant bylaw

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Olfactory Crimes Division

Officers with the olfactory crimes division patrol the city after a surge in body odor-related complaints. Photo by flickr user faceme

By Dylan Random

About 45 officers with the Calgary Police olfactory crimes division were on patrol along strategic points in the city this weekend, conducting a deodorant bylaw enforcement operation after receiving numerous complaints about “foul-smelling barbarians” in the city.

“Warmer weather has created a surge in stink-related complaints,” says Cst. David Shelly of the olfactory crimes division.

“You’d think it’s common sense to put on deodorant in the morning, but you wouldn’t believe the number of offences we’ve come across.”

The latest numbers from police show officers handed out nearly 8,000 fines since the beginning of the year when the new bylaw came into effect. The department hopes operations like this will help educate people to the effects of smelling like a dead and decaying rat as the warmer weather rolls in.

“It’s uncomfortable for everyone when overpowering body odor finds its way onto the scene,” says Shelly. “The smell can linger for moments after the offending person leaves the area, and can even make law-abiding deodorant wearers question their own hygiene.”

Mark Sanders, 27, was issued a warning from police in the Kensington area on Sunday, and says he doesn’t understand why he was even stopped.

“I don’t have body odor,” says Sanders, who probably actually believes that. “I can go days without showering and, in fact, haven’t washed my hair in about a week.”

Sanders says he hasn’t used deodorant since he was in high school.

“It’s just not an issue for me.”

Susan E. Foster, a psychologist specializing in self-awareness, and author of the book, Sniff, Sniff: Honey, Do I Smell Funny? says most people who have foul body odor don’t even realize they have a problem.

“We live with ourselves, and our nose is very quickly accustomed to our own odor,” says Foster from her office in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where deodorant bylaws have been in effect for over two decades. “We’re simply not good judges of our own odor.”

Ward 15 Councillor, Charlie Bain, introduced the bylaw, and says he was prompted to do something about “stinkers” after being trapped in a crowded Costco one Saturday afternoon.

“My God did it smell bad,” recalls Bain. “The children were crying, we were trapped in line . . . you couldn’t escape the sour-vinegar smell.”

Police will be continuing awareness campaigns throughout the summer, but warns Calgarians that fines will be issued on a case-by-case basis, ranging from $180 to $2000 and possible jail time.

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120 Comments to “Police patrol popular hot spots, reminding Calgarians of new deodorant bylaw”

  1. Zach says:

    This is fuckin pathetic deoderant bylaws are you fucking serious?? What’s next? No farting in public? Get you fuckin heads out your ass and fuckin think before making stupid fuckin pointless fuckin bylaws.

  2. Ray says:

    Jesus some of you guys are dumb!

  3. Greth says:

    So many people think this is real! It’s hilarious .

  4. […] Police patrol popular hot spots, reminding Calgarians of new deodorant bylaw […]

  5. […] gent of note introduced a bill leading to the formation of the Calgary Police olfactory crimes division. According to a local blogger these girls and guys are gallantly patrolling the […]

  6. William says:

    You all have to much time on your hands.

  7. Cory says:

    There is no way this can be real. Does anybody realize how RIDICULOUS this is? Sure it may be a bit uncomfortable if you’re standing or walking near somebody who has bad body odour but making wearing deodorant a LAW? What about the people who are allergic to scents? Allergies to the chemicals in deodorant? The people who just don’t want to wear it?

    A perfect statement for this would be “Where do my rights end and yours begin?”

    Next you’ll see the government crack down on wet dogs because they stink or eradicating Skunks from existence because of their spray.

    Personally, I can’t wait until the next world war or until a solar flare kills off this technological monstrosity that we’ve created. This isn’t humane. Fuck the norm. Fuck the man.

  8. RogerRoger says:

    Good Lord! Its about time a city took a stand on this. Good on you Calgary!

    • kimd says:

      You are such an idiot roger. Your all idiots

      Holy shit humans don’t deserve to go on a species


    • Lorne says:

      If ever any member of our legal system decide my odor is offensive I will also be charged for assault because I know that person will get hit. Not a threat A PROMISE

      • Ted says:

        “Lorne” – total redneck name. Say, what keeps your sweat pants from falling down when you clip a cellphone to them for a classy night out at swiss chalet?

    • kat says:

      This is absurd, how can you say that body odor is any better/worse that smelling some over-powering cologne or perfume? Or perhaps let’s add the body odor of an ederly? Do we ‘fine’ them for not having proper care of their showering routines?? Hells no. This By-law is obnoxious!!!!!

  9. Shauna says:

    We could use that in Edinburgh.. peeps smells like yer fandan on the rail

  10. Stankonia says:

    Many people has been stink there hole life, and they like how the smell is. It is like a baby fawn cuddling up to it mommy deer; where the stinky poo come out.

  11. Steph says:

    It’s hilarious how many people believe this story considering it is “Calgary’s LEAST trusted news source on the top of the page..

  12. meme says:

    I laughed at the article, and then am now simply rolling on the floor laughing at the comments. Priceless!

  13. matt says:


    people read, “Calgary’s least trusted news source”

    you really think this article is real? I mean it would not surprise me if they did, but, this isn’t real, thankfully

  14. Alistaire says:

    If you read past “olfactory crimes division” in the first sentence and still thought this was serious…

  15. Cj says:

    I think the $5 stupid tax should be implemented here for those who took this article seriously and/or personally.

  16. Deziree says:

    This is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard of I’m sure the people who made theses laws probably stink them selves which is pathetic 90% or people usual stink from a long day of work and I bet anything the people who complained probably stinky too. Grow up like honestly what’s next dogs and animals that smell your goin to put them down to cause IDE be damn if you did.
    Don’t like it then cover your nose

    • Bradyn says:

      Maybe someone would take you seriously if you didn’t spell like an eight year old. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are key to life. Don’t be lazy, use your head.

  17. Gabriel says:

    Are you all retarded? Can you not tell a joke when you see one? Well if you can’t read the headline: Calgary’s Leas-trusted news source. And if that’s still a big enough clue read the other news:
    91 dead, hundreds wounded as the Gluten-Free Militia launches pre-emptive strike on Anti-Dairy Forces
    Single man celebrates Valentine’s Day by dabbling in black magic to create a v00doo doll containing the soul of his ex-wife
    Assholes flock to social media to be the first to post spoilers of their favourite TV show
    House fire sparks neighbourhood wiener and marshmallow roast
    Post-secondary grads can now pay off student loan debt with unborn children, body parts

    I think the police needs to start doing IQ tests and sending those that fail back to school.

    • Ken says:

      well said …. people as Einstein has foretold become idiots to technology … the believe anything in print.

      • Bee says:

        hahaha i could not agree more, I just had a lady come in for a business meeting –very professional–trying to tell me that the article was online so it had to be real. i wanted to tell her to get real. haha the real crack i am getting from this is the responses haha

  18. Lacy says:

    What a waste of tax payers dollars!
    First world problems for sure! Why not go out a “patrol” for drug dealers and meth labs, I would rather have my child walk past a stinky dirt bag than a cracked out meth dealer! Just sayin’!

  19. Randy says:

    How did they ever get this by-law passed is beyond me, there are so many government and private office that you are not aloud to ware any can of sent in case of allergies probable in the place the law was passed.

  20. Brandi says:

    This is pathetic some people can’t afford to buy deodorant and yes it maybe $5 but when you need to feed yourself and/or your family do you really think they are going to waste it on deodorant…. I think not! On another note we also have people in society that have certain beliefs and don’t believe in wearing deodorant or shaving and so on and now they are being forced to do so bylaw. The police have bigger problems and they shouldn’t be wasting time with this nonsense they should be using it in a more productive way. If you are an individual that has a problem with odor then remove yourself from the situation that is you right but dont take someone else’s right to live the way they want way because you dont like it. Remember we didnt always have deodorant, its a WANT not a NEED get your priority straight people!

    • shutuppat says:

      You…do know this is a fake article, right? Definitely not true, and “olfactory crimes division” should have been your first clue. Calgary is not anywhere close to that level of dictatorship 😛

  21. Adam says:

    Oh my god people. This is a fake story. Dumbasses who believe this should be fined. And if this story were true then I’d be all for it. And people saying “what about people who can’t afford it” well fuck off. Deodorant ranges 1.99-9.99. If you can’t afford 10 bucks then you better be a bum in which case you shouldn’t be in societies way.

    • Greth says:

      well it is a fake article and you did get that right but, people don’t have to wear deodorant if they don’t want to. And also “If you can’t afford 10 bucks then you better be a bum in which case you shouldn’t be in societies way.” What does that even mean?! Are you saying poor people shouldn’t be alive?

  22. Jo says:

    As soon as my friend shared this on Facebook, I immediately read the article and almost died from laughter that such a bylaw exists. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea to enforce during the summer sure. However, was it really necessary to burn Sanders like that? Thankful it wasn’t me but seems a bit cold.

  23. Proudly Canadian says:

    For a source that says it is “Calgary’s least-trusted news source” which is obviously the Calgary in Canada, I am highly disappointed that they used the incorrect spelling of ‘Odour’.

  24. Jen says:

    The interesting part about this is the fact of the chemicals in deodorant. If anyone cares about being healthy there is antifreeze in your deodorant not mentioning the tons of other products. Yes there are homemade deodorants and other ways to go about not putting that crap into your body. Also what about those people that are not able to afford it so what makes you think they can afford the fine. I feel this is the stupidest law passed. They just want to make more money and find ways to make people feel bad about themselves. There are people with glandular problems as well where deodorant doesn’t even work, have they considered that, probably not.

    • jb says:

      deodorant costs $5 and lasts for over a month. Anyone can afford it. If you stink like shit you should be fined

    • Karen says:

      I am more worried about the chemicals people are wearing and making others breath than natural body odour. They should be fining the people who are releasing tixic chemicals instead including g those tags time from the chemically scented clothes they wear.

    • anonymous says:

      Or, more likely, it’s a law designed to further punish the homeless.

  25. Tony says:

    What about people who cant afford deodorant. Or a retarded fine for that matter . We’ve been dealing with b.o. for 10,000 years harden the fuck up alberta

    • Calgarian says:

      This is a joke… I hope you’re aware. Even Albertans have a sense of humour 😉

    • Dann says:

      I’d gladly buy a deodorant bar for anyone who is stinking up my personal space. The problem really is people who don’t use them, even after I’ve offered. Also: joke.

  26. Dale says:

    Ha HA, had me for a few lines.LOL But you know what…there ootta be a law against BAAAAD breath, especially on a bus or train!! wow on any day! I carry breath freshners around cause i AM A SMOKER, and the smell is not the best. I’ll vote for that candidate….hey,anyone want to nominate me for premier?

    • KW says:

      This is stupid! It is complying with one of the main problems in Canada, making the poor get poorer. What benefit does this give to those that live in the lower class society. Nothing.
      Applying chemicals to ones own body isn’t going to help them, it’s only going to atomize in the atmosphere. Making one pay a fine for smelling is the same as saying you have to pay a fine for looking ugly, it is just down right stupid.

      The Councillor, submitting this ridiculous law should be stripped of power for such stupidity, and lack of brain power.

      • Inga says:

        This is hilarious, and fake. However, I did check up on Calgary’s Public Behaviour by-laws, and this one got me: Spitting is not permitted in any public place or in public or private property. Now, how the heck can they enforce that? I hate spitting, don’t get me wrong, but there are so many people who do it.

  27. Derrick says:

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  28. Tina says:

    OK so question are the stinkers being offered free deodorant?

  29. BackTheBlue says:

    The Article was fantastic, made me laugh. I was really hoping this was real some people smell bad and need to be told. The best part about this was all the comments and the people who believed it was real. All the haters of the police should grow up and realize the job they do. The only ones that hate them are people who can’t follow the rules and ate to stupid to live in a law abiding society. “If you can’t stand behind our trops maybe you should stand in front of them”. You haters of the police are no different then a dirty smelly terrorist. Back the Blue!

    • Dave says:

      People like you are why I do not back the police in most cases. We have enough sheep who just blindly obey, someone has to be the voice of dissent and it certainly isn’t you. By the way I have a similar bumper sticker to the “Back the troops or stand in front of them” that asks why you think it’s ok to push your ignorant views on me but when I do the same I am “no better than a terrorist”. Don’t hate me because I read, hate yourself because you’re uneducated.

      • BackTheBlue says:

        Uneducated ok…. I do have a degree in Business Management, and a diploma in Criminology. I was trying to prove a point and you clearly played into it . This is a satirical article. I have several family members who are police officers, the crap they out up with and do for us is pretty amazing. Yes we see the cops who give us tickets and piss us off. But when your other decenting friends steel your car who is the first person you will call? I am sure after your mom you will call the police to report it stolen. You should educate yourself as to what they actually do for you and I. Enjoy your bongos and decent Dave.

    • Michael says:

      The police do not help mankind they extort people! Not even once they helped me or anyone I know but surely they mostly hells people in da end

      • Justin says:

        I love how this turned into yet another debate for or against police and the city….

        This is a joke and should be taken as such; no one can say they haven’t encountered someone whose body odour was not ‘unpleasing’. I work in customer service and trust me there are days why eyes start to water.

        For those raising the anarchists flag, and bashing the police, remember these are the individuals who fight for your safety. Sure we may not like all they have to do but at the end of the day it’s a job just like any other.

        For those who complain about fines thinking that it goes into the cops pocket think again, fines and monetary repercussions go two ways, victim services (this takes a majority) and to support the justice system. This means that victims can get the support they need, and that the child molester, drug dealer or murder endangering your community stays where they belong.

        I would like to see anyone of these cop bashing individuals chase a thief, investigate an assault or a murder. Maybe wake them in the middle of the night to spend 4 hours cleaning up after and investigating a fatal collision. Yes some cops are assholes, but I can say the same for individuals in any profession.

        A side note, If you don’t want a cop to be an ass, show some respect. They are human just like you, and I am sure most of you out there would deck me if I cussed and insulted you, so be happy when the cop doesn’t.

  30. stoopid humans says:

    WOW…. soo many stupid people in this world. How stupid must you be to fall for this…. what a joke! !!!!

  31. john says:

    Wat happens if the cop smells worse than u hahaha bunch of bastards id rip the ticket up

    • bob says:

      I had a cop there try to give me a tiket on way home n hhe had b o worse thn myne why would it b a tiket if ur in ur own car

  32. Susanne says:

    This is a joke article. Super well written:)

  33. Heather says:

    First it was, you can’t wear perfumes because people have breathing issues or whatever, now you are being forced to wear deodorant. How much control are we going to give to government?

  34. kyle says:

    Fuxk Calgary cops and the horses these coksuckin goofs rode In on

  35. kyle says:

    Bunch of dummy’s all of you…. Calgary police service is nothing but a joke .. For anyone to say u have to wear deoderent or u can be fined holy fuck if that was true fuck protesting burn city hall to the fuckin ground then piss it out then burn it again then call me so I can watch

    • dave says:

      Lol I’m glad this isnt’t true now I don’t gotta release the mustard gas, and I can pay my taxes again.

  36. Steve says:

    If they did pass this bylaw. I would be at city all so fast protesting. With me. I take the bus. And when I get off work Of course I work up a sweat. What would they expect me to do. Carry a personal shower in my bag? I don’t think so.

    • Deanna says:

      No, of course you’re not expected to carry a shower with you, BUT, it’s hot, you know you’ll be sweating…..they have a deodorant for that! Some can last 12-24 hours, so please…..use it 🙂

      • Yakk says:

        alot of people are allergic to scents and in a crowded place like a bus or train can affect these people a lot. Deodorant doesn’t always work too. I use it 3 time a day and no real effect. Some people’s body chemistry just naturally gives off odour and deodorant doesn’t help one bit.

      • Jen says:

        If you want to wear deodorant that stops you from sweating (it’s called antiperspirant) for 12-24 hours go ahead! The crap the pit in that stuff is known to put you at a higher risk for breast cancer and I personally wouldn’t touch the stuff.

  37. Half Hour says:

    It’s almost as funny as that other satire piece a couple of years ago where the aldermen and former mayor got together to pass new bylaws and fines to stop homeless people from spitting, or sitting on benches, or talking to people to ask for change. That was hilarious! Such a great parody piece I thought..\

  38. farnsworth says:

    Fucking brown people are stinking us out.

    • Kash says:

      Not all brown people smell bad you fucking racist bitch. Maybe you smell like shit and you’re what? White? Did anyone ever tell you that just because one brown person does something bad or gross don’t even mean we’re all the fucking same, you bitch ass rat grow a pair and stop stereotyping.

    • Antinea says:

      That is a disgusting comment!

    • Frankie Greenfield says:

      Want to know something awesome? My husband is brown. He smells amazing. Seriously. So do the rest of his family and friends. At the very least, they don’t stink. And this article is a JOKE.

  39. Half Hour says:

    That was funny. How about a satire piece about bad drivers, and rude and/or stupid driving.

    Maybe cops could administer “warning taser” shots at 10% power to errant motorists. Like those d*nks that keep on turning left after the light has long changed.

  40. blake says:

    its to bad this isnt true due to how many people are nasty piles of shit and cant seem to care of something so simple

    • focker says:

      You do realize there are people who just don’t want to be like everyone else and let they stink flow freely like was intended naturall y. Anyone who uses that abomination of a stick should be shot its .nothing more than poison

  41. amber says:

    I can’t believe you fools actually believe this!!!

  42. Laura says:

    This is too funny. It is a good story. Relax everyone someone is cleverly plying on your sniffers. Lol

  43. anon says:

    this is hilarious. and the best part is peoples reactions.
    c’mon, wake up people!! stop falling for every thing you read and see.. all the while completely missing the large print at the top of the article:

    aka satire.

    think for yourself

  44. John brooks says:

    Wow a lot of gullible people, and those do gooders saying some cant afford deoderant, but they can afford cigarettes.

  45. annie says:

    LOL who ever wrote this, -good one. This is hilarious and believable because of how well it’s written. Good job! &to all you people who think it’s real, my sympathies go to your idiocy. RIP- Your brain.

  46. Aaryn says:

    Ok everybody needs to calm down. This is a fake article lmao… Although it really is quite hilarious to see how many people fell for it… News flash.. Just because it’s on the internet does not mean it’s true!

  47. Mark says:

    do not understand if people say this is joke then list it as a joke. Posting it on face book like it is real actually gives a bad name to them that actually serve. And trust in this I am no one to stand up for a cop. The arrogant 2 face fucks they are. And if it is not a joke, then the cops make them self look even stupider and I wonder if they offering a place to clean up in this hot summer we are about to have or is this just another scam for them to make some $.

  48. I think they should do the same with people that cough and sneeze without covering their mouths especially when there is a deadly virus out like H1N1. I have a pet peeve of people coughing in my face.

  49. FuckThePolice says:

    FuckThePolice is all I’ve got to say I hope each noisy pig dies slowly n painfully 187 on a mothaphukkin cop…

  50. Austin says:

    lol I fell for it until I saw what the slogan for the website is called haha

  51. Sandi says:

    REALLY!!!! WOW soon we will be told how to dress….so much for a free country…Maybe the officers should spend more time solve crimes instead.

  52. Avril Poole says:

    Oh for heavens sake, lighten up everyone.
    If we had to do the job these ladies and gentlemen do and see every day, laughter is needed at the end of THEIR day.

  53. andrew says:

    I guess the website’s slogan says it all: “Calgary’s least-trusted news source” 😉

  54. Bob says:

    Did you know there are 2 types of police officers?

    the ones with the red stripes have no power at all, they are just in training. and the ones with the blue stripes, those are the only Cops that have any authority. So , the more you know the better off you will be! Have a good day.

    • Jim says:

      Err… no. Red stripe is municipal (CPS, EPS), blue is provincial (Sheriffs) and yellow is Federal (RCMP). Nice try.

  55. Jan Nademlejnsky says:

    Is is still possible to fart in Calgary? I would have to change my diet before I come for a visit

  56. Spooky says:

    Hahaha. Its so nice to see that people don’t know what a joke is. Seriously people do you believe everything you read?

  57. BB Barret says:

    Go to Surrey, BC and they will be writing fines 24/7.

    • Antinea says:

      that is a very racist comment!…(and no, I don’t live in Surrey!)

      • Ditch pig says:

        Love how it’s racist but there was no mention of any skin color and u say u don’t live there yet u still know of the brown people being talked about… This country is turning into a fucking joke with how many immigrants are comeing over and changing our ways of living! Pushing their religion upon us. Every time I see one I get disgusted!!

  58. Bob Dole says:

    LOL I can’t believe how much people fell for this bullshit..
    Niggas got gullible written on their ceiling.. Hahahah

  59. Susan says:

    I think this is very stupid fine people for body Oder are you Foreeal so if a baby smells like poop are u going to find them to like really what is this world comeing to there ate other things to worry about

  60. mike says:

    guys….its satire

  61. wowguys says:

    Ummm…obviously this is fake guys. A little smidge of research please. Facts are fun guys!

  62. Whatajoke says:

    Is this some form of sick joke! Some people cant even afford that stuff… And for some people it doesnt work…. I would laugh in a police officers face if that was why he was speaking to me with his citation eff off… Take a hike clowns.

  63. Judy says:

    Is this the best use of our police resources….I am not a native…but how many native women are missing on the prairies…..just wondering!

  64. Kevin wood says:

    Obliviously it’s fake there would be a bigger media behind this than just some losers making up stories. If you fell for this shit you don’t have common sense and should go back to school

  65. harold says:

    “Free country” hmm Labour workers…. lots of actions contradict the moral value of police officers, you there to prevent crime not act all hard and cocky with your uniform and badge on and not to worry about how people may or may not smell. Put in real work you cowards. You guys are there for all the wrong reasons do something that’s actually going to make a Damn difference.

    • Eric says:

      Really? Absolutely no sense of satire hey? Wow.

    • Dave says:

      You’re a coward you idiot, one you’re to dumb to realize this is fake, and two you criticize those who protect our city. I would like to see you stand infront of an emergency worker and say that.

      • anon says:

        Actually just because he missed that this is a satire article doesn’t quite make him an idiot or a coward. Calgary may be a tad behind the times with the rest of the world, but you should open your eyes a bit and see the reality behind the true police force. All around us.

        The fact that people were so quick to believe this, is because it’s not really that far out there from all the fucked up power trips that police go on these days.

      • Brent says:

        Cops are not there to “protect” Especially Canadian cops. They are there to gain revenue by giving people fines, conditions, probation, and arresting them. It’s a big business and it’s a joke here.

  66. Ron says:

    So what about people of other ethnicity, that smell like curry and other spices…do they get fined? or people who wear too much perfume or cologne? some medicines also cause a rank smell… some people just got off work and so they have to get home to shower are they going to get fined?

  67. john says:

    great use of police resources…………………..

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