Assholes flock to social media to be the first to post spoilers of their favourite TV show

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The Walking Dead returned to television on Sunday, Feb. 9, and with it all the assholes on social media who couldn't help but tell everyone what happens before they've seen it.

The Walking Dead returned to television on Sunday, Feb. 9, and with it all the assholes on social media who couldn’t help but tell everyone what happens before they’ve seen it.

By Urban Anomie

The Walking Dead returned this past Sunday, with its mid-season premier that saw fan-favourite Darrel board a plane and head to New Zealand, where the zombie epidemic has not yet struck.

No, that’s not true . . .

You see, the folks here at Urban Anomie realize not everybody watches the newest episode of their favourite show at the exact same time. There may be a difference in viewing times due to time zones, PVRs, DVDs or Netflix . . . maybe someone doesn’t dictate the events of their life by what’s on TV, and that’s okay, too.

And yet, this past Sunday, assholes from all over the Internet raced to Twitter and Facebook to provide live commentary and spoilers of The Walking Dead, often times without the courtesy of a warning.

Geoff Johnson was checking Twitter for Olympic news when an inconsiderate boob he follows couldn’t contain their verbal diarrhea, and expelled critical spoilers all over his timeline.

“I was really upset,” says Johnson, who planned to watch the latest episode later that night. “I have a all sorts of filters in place, but this fucker [who he has since unfollowed] made it through my filters by not using hashtags or mentioning the show.”

Melanie Liu long ago learned what that Sunday nights on social media are too dangerous.

Game of thrones

Watch out! Game of Thrones returns on in April.

“During the second season of Game of Thrones, someone I know told everyone how the newest episode ended,” recalls Liu. “I was really upset, to the point of unhooking myself from social media altogether.”

Dr. Mathias Clarke, a psychology professor from the University of Toronto whose interests include figuring out why people are such morons, says social media in particular has shined a light on the intellectual disability exhibited by a segment of the population.

“Spoiling TV shows, movies, and books is nothing new,” says Clarke. “People have thoughtlessly ruined media for others with spoilers since Jesus told his friends that one of them was going to kill him.

“What’s new, however, is the ease by which people can reach a larger audience with their brainlessness.”


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