Renfrew residents say ‘northeast stigma’ is lowering property values. Group proposes a change in quadrant boundaries

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Calgary Renfrew

Upset with the stigma of living in the northeast part of Calgary, some Renfrew residents wish to change the boundaries separating the northwest and northeast parts of the city. Photo by Flickr user djking

By Urban Anomie

CALGARY, AB — Residents in the northeast community of Renfrew say being part of the northeast leads people to believe it’s just another community for poor people.

“There’s a stigma in Calgary that surrounds the northeast,” says Lindsey Green, who bought into the neighbourhood three years ago. “People think, ‘Eww, poor people’ when they see ‘N.E.’ on the map.”

Green says there are other communities with similar stigmas, such as trailer parks and third world countries.

“When looking to purchase a home, nobody envisions walking down the street with their children to the playground wearing bullet-proof vests,” said Green.  “Unless they’re in the northeast.”

The group Renfrew West wants the City to move the boundaries that separate the northwest from the northeast from Centre St. to the Deerfoot Tr. valley.

Renfrew West president, Sanjay Ganesh, says it makes perfect sense to move the boundary to Deerfoot, as there is a built-in buffer zone.

“We don’t want our children mixing with those from the northeast,” says Ganesh. “Those from the other side of the tracks, if you will. The valley is perfectly situated to limit our exposure, to give residents of both sides space to breathe.”

Residents of neighbouring Mayland Heights call Renfrew West’s proposal absurd.

“The boundary should not be moved from Centre St. to Deerfoot Tr,” says Craig O’Collins, president of the Mayland Heights Community Association. The boundary should be moved to Barlow Tr. We don’t want to be in the northeast, either!

Residents of Renfrew are planning to circulate a petition to keep the issue fresh in people’s minds and hopefully lobby the city into changing the boundary.

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5 Comments to “Renfrew residents say ‘northeast stigma’ is lowering property values. Group proposes a change in quadrant boundaries”

  1. Jack says:

    This is a satire site… “Calgary’s Least-Trusted News Source”

  2. Deicha says:

    This is complete garbage – you people sound like arrogant jerks!?

    Heaven forbid your precious children be exposed to the disgusting NE criminals or that you have to look at a revolting retirement home while you drive by in your escalade.

    Let’s just burn all of the poor people & retired folks!!! I’m sure that make you more comfortable? and increase your property value!!

    Or you could move….to another neighborhood….my recommendation would be another planet.

    Perhaps you could find something more productive to petition like, I don’t know, community support programs or the NE.

    I hope people get to read this before it’s deleted by some rich offended couple or organization that clearly promotes intolerance.

  3. jackpot says:

    What’s funny is some of the most expensive houses in Bridgeland, Deer Run, Parkland, Diamond Cove, Douglasdale, MacKenzie Lake, they don’t seem to suffer from this “East stigma”, but I agree, Renfrew is in a tough spot.

    It also doesn’t help to have, what most consider blight in their parks, a large lower income condo complex, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, a rotten looking tattoo establishment, group homes, and a rehab facility. All in Renfrew.

    I am a proponent of the inner city, absolutely, but I feel that sometimes we need to call a spade a spade.

  4. cara says:

    Everyone knows the NE and SE are awful places to live for the most part. Everyone excpet those people living there that is

  5. rob says:

    Hahaha haha, awesome. I actually agree with Sanjay. The stigma of the dirty east has uncompromising stink eyes pointed to some of the “West of Deerfoot but Northeast” communities, I say we put a giant wall up on the east side of the Deerfoot, maybe some guard towers and checkpoints. I would do the same for the highway north of Red Deer and East of Manitoba.

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