Woman gets bitten by mosquito, tells everyone about it on Twitter

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Mosquito Edmonton

“omg look at all the bloooood!” Kaitlyn Porter of Edmonton tweeted along with this picture. Photo by Flickr user Christine

By Urban Anomie

An Edmonton woman who was bitten by a mosquito on Wednesday took to social media to tell everyone of the regaling incident.

“Just got bit by a pesky mosquito,” she tweeted to the delight of her 179 followers. “Now it’s gonna itch for a few days lol,” she tweeted 39 seconds later.

Kaitlyn Porter, a mother of two, was apparently outside when the incident took place, and while there were no witnesses, she was luckily able to capture a photo of the dead mosquito she swatted while it was gorging on her blood.

Reaction to the news of Porter’s harrowing escape from the attack was mixed.

“omg are u ok????” tweeted one concerned follower.

“ya I should be fine in a few hours <3,” Porter responded 18 seconds later.

“I hate it when that happens,“ another empathetic follower tweeted.

“I no right???” Porter responded a minute later.

Another, less concerned follower tweeted, “I’m in a wheelchair u cunt.” There was no response by Porter to that tweet.

In the US and Canada, experts at the International Mosquito Bite Prevention Society (IMBPS) estimate there are 40 bazillion mosquito bites every summer, and recommend people place their air conditioners outdoors to aid winter in returning sooner.

“Mosquitoes don’t like cold weather,” said Derrick Siegel of the IMBPS. “We think they are blind to the colour white, and therefore fly south when cooler temperatures and snow arrives.”

Until the snow arrives, Siegel advises people to drink plenty of liquids containing Deet, and to drape themselves in white bedsheets “like a roman.”

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