Dyson signs exclusive sponsorship deal with the Calgary Flames

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Calgary Flames Dyson

Dyson, one of the world leaders in vacuum cleaners, has partnered with the Calgary Flames to promote sucking.

By Urban Anomie

Global premium vacuum cleaner brand, Dyson, announced on Friday that it has signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with the Calgary Flames as its premier ambassador to reinforce its commitment towards sucking in North America.

The Calgary Flames will represent the brand for their ‘Red Hot’ series of vacuum, a unique and innovative line of products designed with youthful energy and style, with very little skill required to operate.

Given their strong commitment towards sucking of late, the Flames are the personification of Dyson’s brand identity and values. Through initiatives like ‘Suck it up’ camps where the NHL team offers advice to young fans in summer camps, the Flames wish to inspire kids throughout North America to excel at sucking.

Talking about the partnership, Lou Kovloski, Managing Director, Dyson Group said, “Dyson is committed to making sucking both aspirational and fun—and the Flames are the very embodiment of this. We are excited to partner with them, and together take our brand to the next level.

“Through our recent association with Tim Tebow as the brand’s blowing ambassador for our line Dyson Bladeless Fans and now with the Calgary Flames coming on board as our sucking ambassador, we aim to engage the customer at every level and encourage them to adopt the philosophy of Sucking and Blowing the Dyson Way – The Right Way.”

The brand is all set to launch an exciting two-pronged campaign with The Calgary Flames in their ‘Red Hot’ line, which will be packaged and designed to inspire consumers to take up sucking as a lifestyle, and with Tim Tebow, wherever he lands, promoting blowing as a way of life.

This association with the Flames is yet another feather in Dyson’s cap as it aims to redefine how consumers perceive and understand sucking in North America. In addition, based on the principle of ‘losers inspire sucking the best,’ the Flames’ association will be leveraged by Dyson on a large scale through social media platforms to encourage more and more consumers in North America to adopt a sucking lifestyle.

Sharing his thoughts, Flames ex-captain, Jarome Iginla, said, “Sucking is not simply about not putting in an effort. It’s about having a positive attitude, trying your best, and still not being good enough to win.”

Flames Communications Director, Lisa Dermott, says the Flames are honored to have been chosen by the vacuum manufacturer to represent the brand.

“Dyson truly is an authority on sucking, and we are thrilled to partner with them in their endeavor to make sucking a part of everyday life,” said Dermott. “The Calgary Flames are looking forward to this partnership and hope to build positive momentum for the brand and for the very people who suck.”

Dyson’s other high profile brand ambassadors include the Japanese Olympic hockey team, tennis star Anna Kournikova, pro golfer Hank Rose, and Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger.

The 2013-14 NHL season kicks off on Tuesday, Oct 1.

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